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About #zeroLRA

#zeroLRA is a 10-week fundraising campaign ending December 31st. We need your help collecting donations to support Invisible Children's efforts to help real people escape from Joseph Kony.

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Our ability to protect communities and give Kony's captives opportunities to escape is only limited by the funds we can raise to expand our work.

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Welcome Home

19 LRA members escaped after seeing Invisible Children's "come home" fliers and hearing "come home" radio messages
Read their Story

What it takes to escape

Helping people escape is expensive.
By fundraising for #zeroLRA, you make it possible.

Plant a seed of hope
Come Home Broadcasts
Plant a seed of hope
Invisible Children uses fliers and FM radio to tell LRA that their families miss them and that they will not be harmed if they surrender.
Air-dropping 25,000 fliers over the LRA: $25,000
Give clear instructions
Come Home Broadcasts
Give clear instructions
"Come home" messages give LRA members simple instructions on how and where to safely escape. Messages are often recorded by family members or recent escapees.
One week of "come home" broadcasting: $1,000
Designate a safe place
Come Home Broadcasts
Designate a safe place
Many members of the LRA don’t try to surrender or escape because they’re afraid that they’ll be killed by local communities or the authorities. We prepare communities to welcome LRA who want to surrender.
Making a community into a designated safe reporting site - $20,000
Provide trauma counseling
Come Home Broadcasts
Provide trauma counseling
Women, children, and abducted soldiers in the LRA have suffered extreme trauma. Once they escape, they need counseling, basic skills training, and community support.
Rehabilitation services in northern Uganda: $5,000
Bring them home
Come Home Broadcasts
Bring them home
Finally, the former soldiers and captives get to go home. Their families and communities will be waiting for them, ready to celebrate a homecoming long overdue.
Transportation, family tracing, and community development: $2,400
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Those who stand for nothing

Real people who have raised $50 for #zeroLRA

10,000 missing children

Real families waiting for their children to come home
  • Still MissingOcitti Geoffrey
    Ocitti Geoffrey
    Missing Since:
    Read Full Story
  • Ojok Patrick
    Ojok Patrick
    Missing Since:
    Read Full Story
  • Ojok Daniel
    Ojok Daniel Opoka
    Missing Since:
    Read Full Story
  • Okello Denis & Odong Francis
    Okello Denis & Odong Francis
    Missing Since:
    16 & 13
    Read Full Story
  • Olum Thomas
    Olum Thomas
    Missing Since:
    Read Full Story
  • Opii Christopher
    Opii Christopher
    Missing Since:
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Overall Goal:
Raised for Escapes:
  • Britta Kennedy donated $100.00 to Invisible Children
  • Fran Cohen donated $45 to Invisible Children
  • Cynthia Ryssemus donated $25.00 to Invisible Children
  • Eva Solomon donated $25.00 to Invisible Children
  • Joel Moses donated $25.00 to Invisible Children
  • Terri Hammer donated $15.00 to Invisible Children
  • Daniel Downs donated $50.00 to Invisible Children
  • Pamela Poteet donated $25.00 to Invisible Children
  • Lisa Suniga donated $25.00 to Invisible Children
  • Lana Boutros donated $50.00 to Invisible Children
  • Meghan Vooris donated $10.00 to Invisible Children
  • Taylor Luftig donated $15.00 to Invisible Children
  • dan gore donated $5.00 to Invisible Children
  • aprel barron donated $25.00 to Invisible Children
  • Iliana Radneva donated $10.00 to Invisible Children
  • Whitney Morris donated $25.00 to Invisible Children
  • Dr. Stephen Dougherty donated $90.00 to Invisible Children
  • Jeff Man donated $100.00 to Invisible Children
  • Bill Reh donated $75 to Invisible Children
  • Olivia Marciano donated $125.00 to Invisible Children

Fundraiser Toolkit

A few tips and tricks to help you raise big bucks

Tips for a successful fundraiser

  • It's been psychologically proven that people are more likely to donate when they see that somebody else has donated first. Ask a family member to get you started.
  • Start raising money now. Do small fundraisers once a week at work or school and the money will add up.
  • The more personal your fundraising letters and social media posts are, the more effective they will be.

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        Missing Since:

        The story of the Zemio nineteen:

        On December 6, 2013, nineteen LRA defected en masse near the community of Zemio in the Central African Republic. This is the single largest LRA defection since the group moved into central Africa in 2008, and an enormous victory for African Union led counter-LRA efforts.

        The group was made up of 9 men, 4 women, and 6 children. They said that Invisible Children's "come home" messaging was the primary influence in their decision to escape. They saw fliers frequently and regularly listened to "come home" programs on the radio.

        They surrendered to a fisherman outside of a town near Zemio, holding their weapons above their heads to show their peaceful intentions.